Project feasibilities are performed in-house and continually refined to manage risk, provide cost efficiencies, performance benefits and reliable deliverability within a carefully considered budgetary and design framework. We regularly stress test analysis against the market to ensure accuracy.


Over thirty years in the business, we have focused our operations on select inner Melbourne suburbs, where we understand the demographic character and expectations of our clientele. Our success is built on extensive research, astute urban design & planning, and an innovative architectural response.


Victorian and local planning laws are forever changing with successive governments. In a highly competitive environment, we strive to design innovative residential dwellings that satisfy future lifestyle choices and continue our successful track record.


Although Prime Urban has substantial available development capital, we maintain an open and professional relationship with our financiers, whether they be banks, private equity partnerships or property development agreement partnerships, to ensure all projects are reliably funded before commencement. Tight control is maintained throughout the life cycle of each project to ensure delivery within time and budgetary goals.


We exercise great care in selecting builders, ensuring they have both the capacity and balance sheet to undertake quality construction and strictly adhere to design intent and detail. Meticulous attention is paid to every aspect of construction – especially finishing trades. We always ensure our builders are focused on delivering projects on time and on budget.


As a customer-focused company, our aim is to offer outstanding property opportunities, both in the owner-occupied and investor markets. Prime Urban prides itself on delivering luxury projects that demonstrate good prospects for long term capital growth and strong rental returns.